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“Imagine you’re a designer with talent dripping from your fingertips - Gucci wants you. Prada wants you. You want Elizabeth Pearce...” VOGUE

Betsy Pearce

is a lawyer and advisor in the international fashion and luxury goods sector. 

Pearce LLP, founded in 2003, is a transactional law firm serving clients in these and other creative-driven industries.     

With 20 years' experience, Pearce offers a unique combination of legal expertise, business acumen and industry insight.

Pearce serves an international clientele of companies, business owners and professionals. They entrust Pearce to negotiate the transactions most critical to them.


What do you do?

I help business leaders, partners and leadership teams to clarify, improve, and navigate their most important relationships – with each other and their employees.  As most successful executives know, when the pressure of building, running or selling a company is on it imperative the personal goals and trepidations of top management are anticipated, aligned and managed.  That is my role.

Who are you?

I am a seasoned attorney and personal advisor for top executives in highly competitive organizations. For nearly 20 years, my focus has been to help structure and negotiate their hopes and expectations for a successful outcome – whether a new business, sale, opportunity or investment.

What if I already have a lawyer?

I do not duplicate, replace nor engage with in-house attorneys nor law firms representing the companies my clients lead.  My focus is not the company; it is the people leading it. However, when lawyers are not already in place, I do (often) negotiate various transactions.

How do I work with you?

My clients schedule calls and meetings with me as needed via a shared confidential online calendar. They purchase a block of hours I work against as needed, and I provide them a statement of the time used at the end of each month.  I recommend a no-charge 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs.

171 Duane Street
New York, New York 10013
+ 1 917 495 6838