Betsy Pearce

Betsy Pearce is a lawyer and advisor serving clients in fashion/luxury and other creative-driven industries.  

The law firm Pearce LLP was founded in 2003. Pearce serves an international clientele of business owners, investors, creatives and executives.

Pearce negotiates clients' most important transactions, from designers selling their namesake companies to creative directors signing on with international brands.

Pearce is dedicated to the growth and success of founder-led companies. Over 20 years, Pearce has provided a combination of business strategy and legal expertise to over 50 business founders. Drawing on a robust network, Pearce is a unique resource supporting entrepreneurs in various stages of their companies’ development.

Fashion’s Top Legal Eagle: If you’re a designer thinking about a liaison with a major luxury conglomerate, or a fashion CEO whose company is being courted by a private equity firm, you’ve certainly heard of Betsy Pearce - and very likely have dealt with her. Or plan to.
— Gotham Magazine